Ruin Dürnstein Wachau

Virtual tour-Dürnstein

A visit to Dürnstein, located in the World Heritage Site of Wachau west of Vienna, is always worthwhile. The ascent to the Dürnstein ruin is short and easy to cope with.

This virtual tour consists of only three panoramas. But the view over the Wachau Danube Valley is simply worth seeing.

And if you, like countless other tourists from all over the world, are on site, then of course you will also visit the romantic alleys of Dürnstein and enjoy the delicacies of the region. You should not miss Wachau wine, apricot dumplings and apricot schnapps.

Roman city carnuntum

Virtual Tour-Roman city of Carnuntum

The Roman city of Carnuntum, east of Vienna, is a place steeped in history, which is visited annually by countless tourists. It tells the story of Europe, when south of the Danube the Romans were still in charge and Jupiter Optimus Maximus was sacrificed on altars and Mithras was paid homage.

You can still take a virtual tour of the Roman metropolis of Carnuntum today: Google Virtual Tour-Carnuntum

Quiz question: How many panoramic shots does this virtual tour consist of? One thing was betrayed-the photo shoots were taken on a very hot summer’s day in August 2017.

Website site-com-rooms-Vienna

ComCom Rooms Guest Room

The range of guest rooms, hotels and holiday apartments is almost endless and unmanageable. Several concerted online marketing measures are required to be found and booked on the Internet. The best deal today is no longer of any use if you are not found on the internet.

ComCom Rooms in Vienna did everything right. The new website, also optimized for smartphones, is a real eye-catcher. The design of the website is colourful, cheerful and modern-just as the guest rooms and apartments are furnished. The web design is simple and clearly designed-in keeping with the current trend. All the information is where you would expect it to be, so you can easily find it, too. A modern Google route planner navigates guests to the front door. And, of course, data transmission is https-encrypted to meet the new GDPR requirements.

And so that there are no unpleasant surprises-through a virtual tour, guests can already visit the entire guest house at home and choose their preferred apartment.

Congratulations to Dr. Wolfgang Jicha (aka “Commander“) and Ms. Mag. Jicha to your new website: